Caique Vidal & Batuque for those who want to get in depth in the Brazilian music can have it fulfilled through classes and workshops provided by the artists. Caique Vidal & Batuque invites you to discover and explore the rhythms and traditions of Brazilian music in two types of classes, adult class and kids class. The adult class will focus on the basic rhythms played in Brazil. The participant will learn the different patterns of samba reggae, samba enredo, ijexá, maracatu. The participants will also learn hand techniques and proper posture/body movements while playing.

The kids class provides a creative and friendly environment for the child. The class will provide a stimulating environment through teaching various social dynamic games and activities to build creativity. Participants will also learn how to fabricate instruments with recycled materials and will learn how to play and sing as well. In addition, participants will learn how to develop improvisation skills, world music awareness and foreign language (Portuguese).The kids class is developed for kids in the age range of 10-17, and it is designed to promote leadership and positive social skill building opportunities through a fun environment where students can learn from each other.

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